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    Rules of The Realm of Aleria

    • Character - a roleplay character, controlled by a player
    • Player - a real-life member
    • RP - roleplay
    • IC - in-character
    • OOC - out-of-character
    • IG - in-game
    • PvP - player-versus-player, specifically meaning Minecraft combat
    • RP’ly - in roleplay
    • Mc’ly - In minecraft.
    • FTB - Fade to black, meaning instead of rping sexual intercourse you emote “A FTBs with B”
    • Some more refined definitions of these terms can be found on the FAQ
    Global Rules
    This means In game, forums and Discord.

    1. No Discrimination or prejudice in OOC. IC is acceptable.

    -This Includes Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Stereotypes and bullying.

    2. No Sexual Roleplay unless it is in the form of a Fade to Black or an FTB, (If you are confused as to what FTB means, please refer to our FAQ), This MUST be consensual from both parties. This comes with Restrictions shown below.

    -No Beastiaility ((Beastkin are not concidered a part of this))
    -No Necrophila
    -No Sex with someone under the age of 18 (This stands if the character is under 18, or the player is under 18)
    -No Rape. ((Read Below for more on Rape))
    -No Group Sex or Orgies.

    3. Rape is strictly forbidden!

    -This includes persuasion and bargaining e.g “Have sex with me and I’ll let you go”.
    - You can not force a slave into having sex with you.
    - Attempting to manipulate another player or character’s decision, whether in RP or OOC through coercive means (including “potions” or “items” to make them want to have sex; there are no lore approved items that do this and there never will be) or threats/blackmail is likewise forbidden.
    - Basically, use your initiative and don’t be a pervert. We don’t care if “it’s in your character", find a better and less sleazy excuse to make your character interesting.
    - If you are found to be directly breaking this rule, you will be banned permanently with very little chance of appeal.

    4. Harassment in OOC of any form is strictly forbidden. This includes any medium in or out of Aleria

    - Don’t think that just because you are not on the server/forums, or are not bothering players with matters directly concerning the server, that you are exempt from consequences; we do not appreciate bullies in any form in this community.

    5. Causing trouble for the sake of causing trouble or behaving in a manner that some would describe as ‘Toxic’ is also against the rules.

    - This Includes attacking a single player over and over again on multiple characters because you don't like them. This is considered harassment and bullying.
    - Refrain from killing the same character or several characters of the same player constantly (once every day is more than enough) unless they are directly provoking you. Being in your presence just because you dislike them is not “provoking”.
    - If you feel as though a player is attacking you too often or specifically targeting you as a player for no justified reason, please try to confront the player about it or tell a GM.
    - No starting fights and disputes in game and then starting OOC fights over it.

    6. Using RP to get into locations that one would not be able to Mc’ly and vice versa is also against the rules.

    - This includes abusing glitches and redstone.

    7. If you feel as though you need support when confronting another player or feel intimidated by another player, seek a GM’s guidance.

    - Please at least try to talk to the player before judging them like this, however.
    - The GMs are here to help you whenever you need it, but please don’t squander their time by requesting help in every situation. At least try to help yourself.

    If you are confused about anything, please refer to the FAQ page for assistance.

    Roleplay Rules

    1. Do not abuse and/or intentionally exploit glitches or other bugs, whether in Minecraft or a plugin, that are clearly not intended mechanics.

    - If you discover a bug or exploit, please report it to a GM or technician immediately and do not attempt to recreate it unless specifically asked to.
    - If you are found to be continually exploiting a bug or glitch, particularly for personal gain, the punishment will be severe.
    - No, just because it is in the game does not make it a “feature”. A glitch is a glitch.

    2. No Metagaming or Power-Gaming.

    3. No trolling.

    - This includes making silly characters or saying disruptive/inappropriate things because you think it’s funny; it probably isn’t to everyone else.

    4. No breaking server lore or Role-playing lore that has yet to be accepted.

    5. No playing a non lore approved Race without the approval of Staff.

    6. No leaving mid RP without a valid excuse.

    7. No structures that defy physics, structures that do not fit the time period, mob farms, automated farms, underground farms, floating leaves/structures and strip mining.

    8. No remembering your death or using NPCs to tell you about your death.

    - There are no “loopholes” to this; even if another character claims to have seen you die, you should have no recollection of your death. You may believe them, but you may not specifically remember the events.

    Combat Rules

    1. Both sides must agree to the form of combat weather it be ‘Text based RP fighting’ Or ‘Mc Mechanical fighting aka PvP’.

    - If neither side can come to an agreement then the benefit of decision will be given to the provoked player(s)*.

    2. Once the choice of which type of combat is chosen you may not switch the type of combat unless given the consent of /ALL/ who are involved.

    3. A 5 second countdown must be provided prior to PVP; failure to do so is counted as No-Rp Kill**.

    - Players may not run during this 5 second countdown period.

    4. If you run from a fight with no RP or little to no RP then the opposing force may automatically engage PvP if they wish, however if you emote running and give the opposing side a chance to react then PvP can't be called.

    - Keep in mind that if you are roleplaying then the runner must pause in order to type, so just because you catch up to them in MC does not automatically mean you caught them in RP; please be appreciative of this.

    5. Running during the 5 second countdown prior to PVP is forbidden.

    6. Combat logging, soulstoning during combat or running into a PvP restricted area such as spawn is forbidden.

    7. If players run from PVP combat and are not found again within 5 minutes, they are considered to have “escaped” and can no longer be attacked by players of this sessions (and vice versa).

    - i.e you can’t come across them again 30 minutes later and immediately PVP them as if you were still fighting (also vice versa).

    8. If you are unsure about how to handle a dispute or situation concerning combat, please don’t be afraid to contact a GM for assistance.

    * That is to say, just because you are attacked first does not necessarily mean you get to choose the type of combat; if you antagonise or provoke an attack on yourself in any way (e.g, waving around a weapon; even if you aren’t attacking anyone, or purposefully insulting people to get them to draw their weapons first) then you are still considered the aggressor. Basically, don’t go causing trouble and antagonising people then playing the victim because you didn’t “technically” attack them.

    ** This means a fair, generous countdown, not “1 2 3 4 5” in a single sentence or counting down as quickly as you possibly can. This also means counting down in the in-game local OOC chat; counting down through Discord or other means of communication is not acceptable unless all involved players agree.
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