The Realm of Aleria Custom Launcher.

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    Dec 20, 2017
    Here at The Realm of Aleria we have a custom version of the resourcepack Conquest created by _Monsterfish. We use this resourcepack coupled with a couple of lightweight mods to bring you the most immersive experience we can offer.

    We took the time to create you the player a custom launcher with everything you need so the work on your part is minimal all you have to do is download it and sign in to your Mojang account

    Our custom launcher contains;
    -Aleria Conquest Resourcepack
    -More Player Models
    -And our recommended version of shaders
    (Don't worry of you don't think your computer cant handle shaders, it is not enabled until you want it to be)

    Our Resource pack is essential for maximum enjoyment and immersion on our server, however we will not force you to use it but we do not take blame for how things may look in other resource packs or default so please do not complain or make reports regarding this.

    Download Links

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