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    frequently asked questions

    If you are having trouble with any matters in our community or forums, or need help and aren’t sure what to do, please look over this FAQ for a possible solution to your query.

    What is roleplaying?

    Roleplaying is an activity where in which you assume the role of another individual, normally a fictional one. This individual is referred to as a "Character", and can have a personality and appearance however you choose (so long as it does not break the rules or logic). When you take on the role of this character, you should try to think of how they would act in each situation rather than how you would (simply imagine you were acting as that character in a movie or story). As you play the character they will discover new things and new people, and your character should develop from these experiences, slowly becoming someone new until they have finally bloomed into a fully fleshed out and interesting individual with a remarkable story.

    I want to play on the server, but I can’t. What do I do?

    Before players are allowed to begin roleplaying on the server, they must first submit a whitelist application and be accepted. This is to ensure that all players coming in to the community have a decent grasp on roleplaying and to deter people who only intend to cause harm. Please visit the Whitelist Applications subsection for more information on how to submit a whitelist application.

    What is "RP"?

    The term "RP" is short for "Roleplay". This abbreviation can be used in many perspectives, for instance "Let's RP" would mean "Let's roleplay" while "In RP" would mean "In the roleplay universe".

    What is "Out of character/OOC"?

    The term "Out-of-character" (OOC for short) refers to matters outside of the roleplay universe, whereas “In-character” refers to matters in the roleplay universe, particularly those related to a character. For instance, the real world is out-of-character, and doing something in reality would be out-of-character. Doing something in-game that is to be disregarded and non-canon to the roleplay universe (basically doing something in the game that isn’t actually happening in roleplay) would mean you are doing something out-of-character. Keep in mind, there are only certain instances and actions that can be considered out-of-character, otherwise you are always considered to be in-character while in game.

    What is “PVP”?

    The term “PVP” stands for “Player-Versus-Player”. PVP refers to combat performed through mechanical, or “minecraft”, means. Quite simply, it refers to the act of fighting 1 or more other players by left clicking/performing the “attack” command, though it is not limited to this and includes effectively all means of combat that are not simply roleplay. An example of PVP would be punching a player to death like you normally would in Minecraft.

    What do “RPly” and “MCly” mean?

    “RPly” and “MCly” mean “by roleplay means” or “in roleplay” and “by Minecraft means” or “in Minecraft” respectively. Basically, if someone were to perform an action in character by roleplaying, they would be doing something “RPly”, whereas if they performed an action in Minecraft such as placing blocks then they would be doing something “MCly”.

    What is "Breaking character"?

    Breaking character is an instance where you or another player performs an action or says something in character that would not normally suit that character or does not make logical sense from a roleplay standpoint, normally because the player's personality and intervention drives them to do so. An example would be a pacifist character who normally tries to end conflict and maintain justice suddenly trying to rob or murder a person because the player is seeking something valuable they are carrying. Another example would be having an ordinary conversation with someone in character and then suddenly saying "You're all stupid lol". Both of these actions, as you can likely tell, would be quite ridiculous in the roleplay setting and can be disorienting for other players.

    What is "Metagaming"?

    Metagaming is the act of exploiting your own personal knowledge and information that your character could not possibly be aware of in roleplay, normally for personal benefit. An example would be hearing from your friend over Skype that a particular character is a spy from another nation and then going to seek and arrest or kill that character in roleplay. Although you are aware of the spy out of character, your character would have no possible way of knowing this at that time and therefore acting on this information in character would be metagaming.

    What is "Powergaming"?

    Powergaming is often confused with "Godmoding" (see below). Powergaming is the act of assuming your character will always succeed in their actions, not giving other players a chance to react to your characters actions, and/or roleplaying another player’s character to take control of their actions (without a good reason or permission). An example would be emoting "Exampleguy runs up to the man and stabs him in the heart, killing him. The man drops his house keys as he dies". In this case, you haven't given the player a chance to even react and are insisting that your character is successful, not to mention determining the other character’s actions for them. The correct alternative to this action would be: "Exampleguy runs up to the man and draws his dagger". This not only gives the other player a fair chance for their character to react, rather than assuming you would successfully run up to them and kill them (seeing as it is unlikely their character would simply stand there if a man was running up to them with a dagger), but also allows them to determine the result and what would become of their character afterwards.

    What is "Godmoding"?

    Godmoding is the act of giving your character unrealistic benefits and performing unrealistic actions to give yourself an advantage in whatever the situation may be. An example would be saying your character has the ability to punch through anything, no matter how tough it is, and cannot be harmed by swords; There is no magic that allows you to do either of these things currently, and none of the races have any abilities like these, so something like this would need to be approved by the lore team. Another example would be emoting "Exampleguy backflips over the man’s head turns around and stabs him in the back and then throws the knife at his friend, hitting him directly between the eyes". As you can likely tell, this scenario is extremely unrealistic and ridiculous, not to mention completely unfair.

    What is "Gary Stu"/"Mary Lou"?

    Gary Stu/Mary Lou are terms used to describe male and female (respectively) characters that are, effectively, "perfect" or at least unrealistically gifted. Another common term to describe these characters is "Mary Poppins" because, as the character herself states, she is "practically perfect in every way". Common traits of characters like these are: being extremely or unrealistically attractive, being skilled in ridiculous amounts of professions and normally having no solid reason to have such experience, being able to fool everyone when lying and detect when other people are lying, and having a traumatic experience in the past that would normally leave someone mentally or physically scarred and yet only bringing this into account when it is beneficial or garners attention (essentially using their traumatic past as an excuse to gain others’ sympathy and attention but never referring to it ever again when it doesn’t suit them or having no psychological drawbacks because of it). One or two of these traits alone often isn't much of a bother, however characters that possess many traits that render them ridiculously perfect or interesting will normally be branded a Gary Stu/Mary Lou and can lead to a bad reputation.

    What is a "Special Snowflake"?

    A special snowflake is more or less a counterpart of Gary Stu/Mary Lou, and is a character that is unique in many (and often pointless) ways or a single major one, just for the sake of being special. An example of a backstory of a Special Snowflake would be "I was abandoned at childhood by my parents because I am the only Human with red eyes and I can talk to wolves because I was raised by them since I was five and I am the last of a tribe of people that no longer exist. Even though I am very different, I make friends fine and I am almost like a normal person". This backstory is not only quite ridiculous, but the character has many qualities that would normally be some sort of hindrance to them but insist that it they are not problematic. It is important to note that just having a unique character and being special is NOT considered a bad thing; a Special Snowflake is simply a character that is extremely unique for no purpose other than to stand out and garner attention.
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    What does "FTB" mean?

    The term "FTB" is short for "Fade to black". This codeword is used to signify that the scenario that is about to ensue in roleplay is too graphic to be described by our ruling standards and therefore must instead only be implied by "fading to black" i.e you MUST use this phrase and refrain from roleplaying the scene (you will have to skip over it and continue as if it had already happened). Applicable content includes any sexual roleplay (that is once it reaches beyond the point of stripping and groping), torture (only if one or more of the players involved does not wish to witness the details) and extreme gore (i.e keep it reasonable; gore is allowed when it is fitting, but we don't want to see any SAW level of content).

    What does "GM"/"FM"/"ET" etc. mean?

    These are all abbreviated tags for our staff teams. If a player has an official tag with these letters, it means that they are part of this team (Please note that attempting to change your name to mimic a staff member in any way, even without using a tag, is bannable). Here is a list of all our staff teams and their purposes:

    AT - Application Team: The application team are the ones who read through all of the new whitelist applications to the server and judge whether the player is qualified enough to be accepted to the server or needs a better understanding of roleplay before they can join. If you need help with an application or have any questions about them, please contact a member of this team.

    ET - Event Team: The event team is in charge of creating and overseeing events in game. They will normally play special and important characters or creatures in these events. If you have any questions concerning events, or have any ideas for events you'd like to make, please contact a member of this team.

    MT - Media Team: The media team create server-themed content for our community, including videos, graphics and music. They handle smaller tasks such as server banners and posters, as well as larger tasks such as cinematics and trailers. If you have any questions regarding server media or suggestions for projects, please contact a member of this team.

    LM - Lore Master: The lore master team are in control of the lore that is accepted and implemented into the server. Lore masters normally have unparalleled knowledge of all lore on the server, even lore that is normally “secret” or planned for future events. If you have any questions regarding lore or have a query about an idea you have for lore, please contact a member of this team.

    Dev - Development Team: The technical team are in control of the plugins and other software our server utilises. They also take player's feedback and try to improve the in-game server based on the feedback they receive. If you have any questions regarding the server's plugins or technical side, please contact a member of this team.

    FM - Forum Moderator: The forum moderator team oversee our forums and maintain its order. They regularly frequent active threads for unnecessary or rule-breaking posts, can lock threads on request of a GM or the original poster, can issue warnings to users who break forum rules and can move/edit/archive threads when need be. If you have any questions or problems regarding the forums, please contact a member of this team.

    GM - Global Moderator: The global moderator team co-ordinate the entire community to ensure that players are following the rules and are all satisfied. The GM team has one of the largest jobs on the server as it covers a wide variety of fields, including in-game server matters, forum matters, ban reports/appeals, player feedback and even applicant implementation. GM's are able to ban players that break rules and give an official verdict on disputes. Though you may see the GM's as the merciless overlords of the community, please be reassured that they are here to make certain that everyone is content and that there are no persisting problems. If you have any questions or problems about anything concerning the server or community, please contact a member of this team.

    A - Admin: The admin team oversee the entire server and the rest of the staff. Admins are responsible for the entire staff team and make the final decisions on matters that heavily affect the server. They are here to make sure that the entire community is being handled with care and that the server is maintained properly. If you have any concerns about the server, community or another member or staff, please contact a member of this team.

    I think another player(s) has broken a rule, what should I do?

    First, try to get a screenshot in game (default F2) of the player(s) and their actions or any other content that could be considered evidence e.g script-logs of them griefing. Next, consult the rules page or tell a Global Moderator, detailing the events. If either of these solutions confirms that the player has broken a rule, consult the offending player(s) directly through private messages. Ask them to make amends or for an apology and let them know that if they don’t comply you may post a ban report (please note that blackmailing, such as making un-necessary or unrelated demands and threatening to post the report if they don’t comply, is itself a bannable offense); if they make amends then there is no need to take any further action, but if they refuse to co-operate/respond non-seriously, take further action. Go to the "Ban Reports" subsection of the forum, find the Player Reports format and paste it into any available writing program (Google docs is preferable as it saves your work as you write so you don't have to fear losing it). Fill out all the details of the format and especially provide the screenshots you took earlier in the evidence section (Imgur and Gyazo are good tools for this) then post it. You will then have to wait for the offending player(s) to post their defense (you should tell them once you've posted a report on them, or at least ask someone else to do it). Once you and the defending player(s) have given enough details or have nothing else to say, wait for a GM to respond to the thread (unless the report has been waiting 3 or more days after everyone has finished sharing their sides of the story then please do not badger the GMs to check the report) and state their verdict. If the GM feels that there is not enough adequate evidence to prove that the player is guilty or that the players have not sufficiently broken any rules then the report will be immediately dropped and nothing more regarding the report should happen. If the GM believes that the player is in fact guilty, then the offending player will receive an adequate punishment of the GM's decision (this may not necessarily be a ban; strikes can be given for offenses too minor for a ban to be justified).

    I've been given a strike/forum warning that I don't feel is justified, what should I do?

    First, try to find out which GM/FM issued the strike/warning (a member of the respective team should be able to find this out for you). If you cannot find out who issued the strike/warning or the player is no longer a member of the team, redirect yourself toward the team's leader. Send the appropriate team member a private message concerning the strike/warning and your defense i.e why you think the strike/warning was unjustified or an adequate apology. If the team member agrees or feels you are sincere in your apology then they may revoke the strike/warning, however this is entirely their personal decision. Please note that seeking another member of the team to appeal a strike/warning after being denied by a first is considered "GM/FM-Shopping" which is a punishable offense. If the team member denies your request then please give it some time (at least a month) before making another request. If you have had a strike(s) or warning(s) for a long time and have not received another recently, you will have a much better chance of appealing them.

    One of my questions can't be answered by this FAQ, what should I do?

    The best solution would be to check the staff teams listed above and see whether your problem is relevant to them e.g if you don't understand one of the questions in our whitelist application then the Application Team (AT) would be the most suitable. Find a member of the suited staff team and send them a private message detailing your question. If you don't know who to ask, the best default would be a member of the Global Moderator (GM) or Admin team.
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