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    --- How To Apply ---

    Information on how to apply is to go here...
    Please write this.

    --- Application Format ---

    Section I - Out of character information

    Please answer the following questions honestly.

    What is your current official minecraft account name?:

    Do you understand and agree to the age requirements in our rules?:

    Have you applied to this server before (If so please include links)?:

    Have you read our rules fully and do you understand them?:

    Which rule would you like more information on?:

    Section II - Roleplay information
    Please keep in mind that the following section is to be answered out of character.

    How much roleplay experience do you have (you will not be denied for having none)?:

    In your own words, what is roleplaying?:

    In your own words, explain what powergaming is and give an example:

    In your own words, explain what metagaming is and give an example:

    Please give us a brief description of what Lore is and why it is important to have it:

    Do you understand the rules of playing a villainous character and the consequences of playing one with poor OOC conduct (refer to the rules section)?:

    Section III - Character information
    You may answer the following section in character or out of character.

    What is your character's name?:

    What is your character's race?:

    What gender is your character?:

    How old is your character?: <Note, characters cannot be under 18 years to start>

    What skills and strengths does your character possess?:

    Alternately, what weaknesses do they possess?:

    Please give a short description of your character's personality, their likes and dislikes:

    Please give a biography of your characters life (minimum 2 paragraphs). Try to start from their younger years working up to where they are now, and try to include as much official server lore as possible:

    Please give a screenshot of your character's skin (a full 3-D screenshot, not the original skin file):

    Section IV - Open response questions
    The following section may be answered from a first or third person perspective, but must be answered in a "roleplay" manner. Remember: You do not have to be a hero in every question. There will be times where your character is helpless. If it is logical that your character would falter in any of these situations, let it be so; this is just to demonstrate your understanding of roleplay. You only have to answer three of these.

    You are traveling down the highway and a man dragging a cart full of weapons, food and other goods passes by and tries to peddle his wares to you. What do you do?:

    You are exploring some old ruins with a few companions. You find what seems to be a rare artifact but one of your companions claims to be an expert on ancient culture and tells you to give it to him as it is dangerous. What do you do?:

    You are minding your own business in a rather poor and dangerous side of a town when you hear a scream. As you go to investigate, you see a middle aged Human man and who seems to be his wife, both unarmed, being threatened by two burly Elven men with knives. What do you do?

    While in a town, you see an adult male Dwarf and seemingly his son beside him, but the child's face is quite bruised. You think nothing of it and move on, but the child soon approaches you begging for money for medicine and the assumed father watching from a distance. The child seems terrified, however. What do you do?

    While within the forest, you see an animal dying and a hunter nearby. You have not eaten in some time and the meager meal seems only able to feed one. What do you do?

    It’s dark at night and a small child walks up to you asking for food. The child is clearly well fed and has very few signs they have lived a poor life. The continue to beg and as you are distracted, another child steals your wallet! What do you do?
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